Neurobiology of Disease

Groups in this research focus work to unravel clues to better understand diseases of the nervous system, with hopes that such endeavors may one day lead to treatment and cures.

Problems are investigated with a wide range of approaches, from cellular and molecular methodologies to whole brain neuroimaging applications, such as functional MRI. Application of sophisticated techniques from molecular biology and genetics are enabling exciting advances along these paths and making critical steps towards translation.

Some specific areas of focus include:

  • cell death and neuroprotection
    • in Alzheimer’s disease, eye disease, ischemia, and aging
  • cell and gene therapy
    • including embryonic stem cell research (pioneered here at UW-Madison)
  • epilepsy
  • disorders of myelination
  • pain mechanisms
  • disorders of emotional and mental health
    • depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders, addictions