Jerry Yin

Position title: Professor, Department of Genetics


Phone: (608) 262-5014

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Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, USA
Postdoctoral in Molecular Neurobiology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA
CSHLA Fellow in Learning and Memory, Cold Spring Harbor Lab, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA

Research Description:

My lab is interested in the cellular/molecular bases of memory consolidation in Drosophila. Work in all organisms is consistent with a requirement for de novo protein synthesis around the time of training, and during later “windows”, although there are periodic claims to the contrary. Recent work shows that mechanisms associated with both synaptic and systems consolidation are used over a 3+ day post-training period. The transition to the long-lasting phase of memory is particularly interesting, since it involves mechanisms associated with sleep and circadian processes, but not others that are needed earlier. Our ultimate goal is to understand when, where, and why protein synthesis is needed and how these requirements can help explain discrepant data suggesting a non-requirement for gene expression during consolidation.

Research Key Words:

Molecular Bases of Memory Formation, Memory Consolidation, Gene Expression

Diversity Statement:

During my years as a PI, I have always encouraged underrepresented students and scientists to achieve their goals. I have mentored a variety of postgraduate students, which has all been part of a conscious effort to expand the diversity in research and encourage people from different socioeconomic and social backgrounds and views to develop and contribute their unique perspectives to the multiple views that will benefit the scientific enterprise.

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