Development, Plasticity, and Repair

Groups whose research is focused in the area of Development, Plasticity, and Repair are interested in dissecting the cellular and molecular mechanisms that pattern the nervous system during development and following disease or injury. Using model systems such as Drosophila, zebrafish, and mice, and cutting-edge methods in vitro and in vivo, researchers pioneer novel techniques and study processes involved in:

  • differentiation of specific neuronal and glial cell types
  • axon pathfinding and the formation of neural connections
  • neural patterning during nervous system development
  • regeneration of axons following injury
  • synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus
  • vascular development and changes with disease
  • nervous system response to stroke
  • neural control of respiration
  • embryonic and adult neural stem cell proliferation, growth, and differentiation
  • CNS cell-type specific reprogramming in induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and embryonic stem cells for disease modeling or replacement therapies

Andrew Alexander

Faculty Co-Director, Brain Imaging Core, Director of MR Physics Research, Professor of Medical Physics and Psychiatry

(608) 262-8233

Randolph Ashton

Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering

(608) 316-4312

Tracy L. Baker

Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Biosciences

(608) 890-2964

Anita Bhattacharyya

Assistant Professor, Cell and Regenerative Biology

(608) 265-6142

Seth S. Blair

Professor, Department of Integrative Biology

(608) 262-1345

Michael Cahill

Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Biosciences

Qiang Chang

Associate Professor, Department of Genetics

(608) 262-9416

Edwin R. Chapman

HHMI Investigator & Ricardo Miledi Professor of Neuroscience; Director, Quantitative Membrane Biophysics Program

(608) 263-1762

Doug Dean III

Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics

(608) 262-6706

Robert Dempsey

Manucher J. Javid Professor; Chairman, Department of Neurological Surgery; Director, Multidisciplinary Stroke Program

(608) 263-1410

Erik W. Dent

Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience

(608) 265-7884

Marina Emborg

Professor, Medical Physics; Director, Preclinical Parkinson's Research Program

(608) 262-9714

Timothy M. Gomez

Professor, Department of Neuroscience

(608) 263-4554

Mary C. Halloran

Professor, Departments of Integrative Biology & Neuroscience

(608) 263-7875

Mrinalini Hoon

Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

(608) 263-8495

Zhen Huang

Associate Professor, Departments of Neurology & Neuroscience

(608) 263-2469

Robert J Lipinski

Assistant Professor of Veterinary Developmental Anatomy

(608) 265-4043

Ruth Litovsky

Professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

(608) 262-5045

Darcie L. Moore

Assistant Professor, Department of Neuroscience

(608) 265-7836

Bas Rokers

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

(608) 262-8992

Avtar S. Roopra

Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience

(608) 262-6930

Jayshree Samanta

Assistant Professor of Comparative Biosciences

(608) 262-4686

Masatoshi Suzuki

Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Biosciences

(608) 262-4264

Michael Taylor

Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy

(608) 262-1939

Ei Terasawa

Professor, Department of Pediatrics

(608) 263-3579

Jyoti J. Watters

Professor, Department of Comparative Biosciences

(608) 262-1016

Jill C. Wildonger

Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry

(608) 890-4619

Xinyu Zhao

Jenni and Kyle Professor, Waisman Center, Department of Neuroscience

(608) 263-9906