Handbook & Forms


The Neuroscience Training Program (NTP) Student Handbook contains relevant information for current NTP graduate students. To review the Student Handbook in its entirety, please click here.

NOTE: The handbook has been removed from the website on 5/15/24 while it is under review and being updated to match changes to NTP policies. The office is planning to have the new handbook available to students by the end of May 2024. Please contact the NTP office if you have any questions in the interim. 

If there are any questions about the guidelines and policies outlined in the NTP Student Handbook, feel free to contact the NTP Office.


NTP is adapting forms to be electronically filled and signed after downloading. If you run into an issue with this, please email ntp@mailplus.wisc.edu for support.

Teaching Fellows in Neuroscience Application

Please fill out the following form and submit it to the NTP office to apply for the Teaching Fellows in Neuroscience Certificate: Teaching Fellows in Neuroscience Application

First-Year Forms

These forms should be completed in the order below by the end of your first year in the program.

  1. Rotation Evaluation-Student Form
    1. Fill out a Rotation Evaluation for each rotation that you complete. This must be done with your wisc.edu email.
  2. Rotation Evaluation-Faculty Form
    1.  Fill out a Rotation Evaluation for each student who rotates with you.
  3. Student/Advisor Approval
    1. Fill out this form with the faculty member who will be your Major Professor. This must be turned in and approved by the NTP Funding Committee before you can officially join a lab.
  4. Advisory Committee Approval Form
    1.  Fill out this form prior to your first committee meeting. This must be completed and approved by the First-Year Committee.

Committee Meeting Forms

The following forms must be completed at each of your advisory committee meetings as indicated in their descriptions and turned into the NTP office.

  1. Certification Form I
    1. This form is to be completed at your first committee meeting.
  2. Certification Form IIa
    1. This form is to be completed at the outside area paper presentation.
  3. Certification IIb
    1. This form is to be completed at the proposal defense.
    2. Note: Forms IIa + IIb + Prelim Warrant must be completed to achieve dissertator status.
  4. Certification Form III
    1. This form is to be completed at a meeting prior to dissertation writing and defense.
  5. Advisory Committee Report
    1.  This form is to be completed at regular committee meetings, except when Certification Forms are completed.