Yi-ming and Hua-nien C. Yin Neuroscience Fellowship

Fellowship History:

The Yin Fellowship was established by Tom Yin, a Department of Neuroscience Emeritus Professor and previous NTP Director, who has made significant contributions to our understanding of the mammalian auditory system. The award embodies the Yin family’s value and passion for higher education and scientific pursuits. Each year, this fellowship honors one NTP dissertator whose scientific and academic progress stands out in excellence and future promise, as well as overall excellence in the program.

2022 Inaugural Recipient:

Katy Bjornson


Katy Bjornson is an NTP student in Dr. Michael Cahill’s lab. Her research focuses on the biochemical and molecular mechanisms that regulate dendritic spine plasticity in the normal and diseased brain, with a specific focus on the RhoA signaling pathway.

Fellowship Eligibility:

Dissertators only.

Application Standing Deadline:

June 1st for Fall Term.

Application Materials:

  1. A letter of recommendation from the student’s trainer (primary thesis advisor). Letter should not exceed two typed pages, 11-point font.
  2. A statement of research and career goals from the student. Statement should not exceed one typed page, 11-point font.
  3. CV of the student.
  4. Graduate school transcript of the student.

Application Instructions:

  1. Send application materials to NTP Office: ntp@mailplus.wisc.edu.
    1. Subject Line: Application for Yin Neuroscience Fellowship Award