Doug Dean III

Position title: Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics


Phone: (608) 262-6706


Ph.D. Brown University

Research Focus:

We are interested in advancing knowledge about early brain and child development. The first years of life are accompanied by rapid neurodevelopmental changes to the brain and behavioral abilities, while a multitude of complex interacting factors can have lasting effects on these neurodevelopmental trajectories. At the heart of our research is the advancement and application of quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques to probe structural, functional, and microstructural features of the brain. With these neuroimaging techniques, we combine aspects of neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, and genetics to discover how the brain develops as we grow and learn and assess how various environmental and genetic factors influence early neurodevelopment. We are particularly interested in understanding how the trajectory of brain development may differ in individuals with intellectual and developmental disorders, like autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and when neurodevelopmental differences first begin to emerge.

NTP Research Strengths:

Behavioral, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience

Development, Plasticity, and Repair

Neurobiology of Disease

Systems and Circuits

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