NTP Outreach

Since we believe in the importance of neuroscience education, we have taken the initiative to reach out to the public, primarily K-12 students. Since 1995, the Neuroscience Training Program has offered an expanding repertoire of outreach activities.

A sample of our outreach activities is included below.  In addition to the activities listed, the program also takes part in family science nights, science fair judging, visits to school science clubs, trips to the Madison Children’s Museum, and other youth/community presentations.

If you would like information on any of the outreach activities or have an idea for a new one please contact the program at (608) 262-4932 or ntp@mailplus.wisc.edu.

Classroom Visits

Andrew Merluzzi and two young participants hold a preserved human brain

Each year, the Neuroscience Training Program visits local middle schools to present activities about the brain. The visits, led by undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members consist of different neuroscience activities based on individual classroom preferences.

Typical activities include an examination of a real human brain that students can touch, brain Q&A, and a motor learning activity. UW groups are available for classroom visits throughout the academic year, so please contact the NTP Office at ntp@mailplus.wisc.edu if you would like to set up a visit for your classroom.

Science Expeditions

The Neuroscience Training Program also participates in Science Expeditions each year, a campus-wide science outreach event. For more information on Science Expeditions please click here.

People Program

NTP hosts a neurobiology unit for the PEOPLE Summer Program. The PEOPLE Program students participate and work full-time with NTP faculty, researchers, and graduate students in state-of-the-art research facilities. For more information on NTP’s involvement in the program, see our Undergraduates Resources page.

Wisconsin Science Festival

The Neuroscience Training Program participates in the Wisconsin Science Festival which takes place at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. Students and faculty lead multiple hands-on exploration stations including showing the community human brain specimens, dissections, hearing demos, kinesthetic illusions and more. For more information about the Wisconsin Science Festival please click here.