Program Requirements

Please see below for an overview of a few of the Program requirements. This list is not exhaustive so please review the Student Handbook for more information.


Core Courses, every student must take the following courses:

NTP 610, Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
NTP 700, Professional Development for Graduate Students in Biomedical Sciences
NTP 611, Systems Neuroscience
NTP 900, Neuroscience Seminar (every fall and spring)
NTP 990, Research and Thesis credits (every semester)

Mid-levels, every student must take two mid-levels course, one in Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience and one in Systems/Behavioral Neuroscience.

A link to approved mid-levels can be found here.

Statistics Course, competence in quantitative methods, e.g., statistics, must be demonstrated. Numerous options are available to meet this requirement and include UW-Madison courses as well as courses taken elsewhere.

A list of UW-Madison statistics courses commonly taken by NTP students and additional student feedback can be found here.

Ethics Requirement

The NIH and NTP both place a high value on responsible conduct of research and require students in the NTP to participate in research ethics training throughout their time in the program. Details on the requirement can be found here.

Teaching Requirement

One semester of teaching is required as part of your training. Typically this involves being a laboratory instructor or section leader and should not require more than 10 hours per week. Financial compensation for this teaching is not always available, although it can sometimes be arranged depending upon the needs and resources of individual departments. You may fulfill the teaching requirement in other ways as well. For example, teaching in the summer PEOPLE program fulfills one-half of the teaching requirement. Final approval of how you fulfill the teaching requirement is given by your Advisory Committee.

For more information on the teaching requirement and other resources click here.

Committee Meetings

Once a committee is formed you are required to have a committee meeting every semester until you become a dissertator. As a dissertator you are required to have one meeting per year until your thesis defense.

For each meeting you have there is a required form you must fill out to find those forms click here.

If you have any other questions regarding NTP requirements please review the Student Handbook.