Zsuzsanna Fabry

Professor, CMP Graduate Program Chair, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


(608) 265-8716

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Ph.D. University of Budapest, Hungary

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Research Focus:

Immune Reactivity in the CNS

Research Description:

There are a number of important human central nervous system (CNS) diseases of poorly understood autoimmune etiology which are characterized by the presence of inflammatory cell infiltrates in the CNS and immune-mediated disruption of CNS function. One example is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which is a chronic inflammatory demyelinating disease of the CNS. The pathogenesis of this disease is very difficult to understand for the following reasons: 1.) The autoantigen against which the initial immunopathological response is directed is largely unknown. 2.) The cell types presenting the autoantigens are not well identified. 3.) No single immune mediator or cell had been pinpointed as a key factor in damaging the local tissue elements. 4.) The mechanism of T cell migration across the blood-brain-barrier and the immunological survey of the CNS are not well understood. The goal of my studies is to address these issues and to understand the pathogenesis of inflammations in the CNS. We believe that the successful completion of our research will lead the foundation for new therapeutic ways aimed at controlling of CNS inflammation and MS.

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