Katie Drerup

Position title: Assistant Professor

Email: drerup@wisc.edu


Integrative Biology


Ph.D. in Neuroscience; Northwestern University

Research Description:

The Drerup lab is interested in the mechanisms regulating retrograde (cell body directed) axonal transport of cargos in neurons and how disrupting this process affects both the cell and the neural circuit. We use genetics, in vivo imaging of cellular dynamics, and imaging of neural circuit activity in zebrafish larval neurons to delineate how and why proteins and organelles move in neurons. To compliment these studies, we also use cultured cells and human sensory neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem cells. These culture systems allow us to better address protein-protein interactions as well as the conservation of function for proteins of interest across species. Long-term, our goal is to define the cellular mechanisms responsible to intracellular transport in neurons to provide insight into why disrupting this process correlates with degenerative diseases of the nervous system. For more information on current projects, please visit our lab webpage (dreruplab.com) or contact Katie Drerup at drerup@wisc.edu.

Diversity Statement:

Our lab values diversity and the positive impact it makes on our lab, our work, and the NTP program. We work to encourage open dialogue and also the representation of underrepresented groups in our lab and department.

Diversity Training:

Training in recognizing unconscious bias – Faculty search committee NIH/Stadtman; Seminar on the impact of unconscious bias

Key Words:

neuronal cell biology, axonal transport, microtubule dynamics, dynein/dynactin, zebrafish

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