The Neuroscience Training Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was established in 1971. Currently, it comprises over 100 faculty members whose research interests range from molecular neurobiology to integrative systems and computational modeling. The program is designed to prepare students for careers in research and teaching. Training leads to the Ph.D. degree in neuroscience or the M.D./Ph.D. degree in cooperation with the School of Medicine and Public Health. 

  • NTP Degree Dash Team

    NTP Staff and Students Participating in the 2016 UW-Madison Graduate School Degree Dash

  • Andrew Merluzzi and Taylor Fields at Adult Swim-Monster Mashup, October 2015

    Andrew Merluzzi and Taylor Fields at Adult Swim-Monster Mashup, October 2015

  • Vemuganti Brain Image

    Studies from the Vemuganti lab show brain damage outlined in red for rats that were treated to block one type of RNA (right), compared to controls. The research points toward a future treatment for post-stroke damage.

  • TaeHee Kim Presenting Poster

    NTP Student, TaeHee Kim, presenting his poster to his peers at the 2015 Neuroscience Research Symposium

  • Ewa Bomba Pippetting

    NTP student Ewa Bomba (Chapman lab).

  • Roopra Lab

    Picture of Trina Basu's (Roopra lab) hippocampal slice electrophysiology experiment.

  • Reid Alisch and Sisi Li

    Reid Alisch and graduate student, Sisi Li, analyzing immunohistochemistry pictures of the mouse hippocampus.

  • Burger Hippocampus Image

    Targeted delivery of Homer1c via recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus results in robust expression of Homer1c (light blue staining) in the dorsal hippocampus of Homer1 knockout mouse. Inset: magnification of area CA1 Homer1c immunoreactivity. (Burger lab)