Ruth Litovsky

Professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

(608) 262-5045

Ruth Litovsky headshot


Ph.D. University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Research Statement:

The research in my lab focuses on the ability of humans to function in complex auditory environments. Humans are typically faced with the challenge of interpreting sounds as they reach the ears, learning to ignore echoes and other irrelevant, distracting signals. Some common examples are classrooms, restaurants, playgrounds and “cocktail parties”. In order to understand how the brain determines the location and the content of important sounds we study hearing in adults and in children with normal hearing, as well as individuals with impaired hearing. In particular, we focus on a unique population of people who are deaf and use cochlear implants. Our interest in is the potential benefits that arise when bilateral cochlear implants are provided.

Lab Website:

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