Darcie L. Moore

Position title: Assistant Professor

Email: darcie.moore@wisc.edu

Phone: (608) 265-7836

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Ph.D. in Neuroscience, University of Miami

Research Description:

The main research focus of my lab is to understand why neural stem cells (NSCs) dysfunction during aging. To do so, we must identify not only how they age, but also how they remain young. Previously I have shown that NSCs asymmetrically segregate cargoes (e.g. polyubiquitinated proteins) when they divide, leaving one daughter cell more “clean” than the other. It has not been clear, however, what the benefit of this segregation is, how the segregation is accomplished, or whether changes in this inheritance can lead to stem cell aging. My laboratory asks the following questions: What are the molecular mechanisms underlying the asymmetric segregation of cargoes? What other cargoes are segregated in mitotic NSCs, and what is their function? How does this process function in vivo in the adult brain? Are targets identified in normal functioning sufficient to reduce stem cell aging in the adult? Using hypothesis-driven and discovery-driven approaches, working at both the molecular and organismal level, and establishing new techniques and tools, my lab hopes to contribute to the fundamental understanding of stem cell biology, and to identify new targets for improving cognitive function and limiting the progression to aging-related diseases.

Key Words:

Neural stem cells, aging, asymmetry, imaging

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