Tom Yin

Position title: Professor


Phone: (608) 263-6357




Ph.D., University of Michigan

Research Description:

The ability to localize the source of a sound is an important function of the auditory system. It may be essential for both prey and predator to quickly and accurately identify the location of a sound source. Consequently, the mechanisms underlying sound localization have been of much interest to psychophysicists, anatomists and physiologists studying the auditory system.

Our lab has been studying the physiological and anatomical mechanisms by which sound localization cues are encoded in the central auditory system. It is probably safe to say that we understand more about the central processing of sound localization cues than that of any other auditory attribute (e.g. pitch or loudness).

Key Words:

Binaural sound localization behavior, interaural time disparities, interaural level disparities

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