Uma Wesley

Position title: Research Professor


Phone: (608) 262-7962

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Neurological Surgery


Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Cellular/Molecular Biology, State University of New York-Stony Brook

Research Description:

The major goal of our research is to identify the therapeutic targets, and to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of post-stroke brain repair, tumor and stem cell survival, migration, and angiogenesis. We are particularly interested in the role of cell surface proteases and cytokines in regulating these physiological events that drive the post-stroke brain repair, and development and progression of cancers including glioblastoma/brain tumor. The soluble growth factors, cytokines, and extracellular matrix components (ECM) in the microenvironment contribute significantly to the stem cell dynamics, development of neuronal tumors, and brain injury repair following stroke. As a part of collaborative efforts with Dr. Dempsey our studies are expected to bridge tumor cell studies to stem cell regulated repair of cerebro-vascular diseases, particularly ischemic stroke. Projects include (1) Understanding the biochemical and molecular mechanisms of protease and chemokine regulated cellular functions; (2) Regulation of cytokine/chemokine signaling pathways during tumor development and brain injury repair; (3) Identifying and targeting molecules involved in progression of atherosclerotic plaques associated with ischemic stroke. Our research utilizes interdisciplinary approaches that include in vitro cell culture, and in vivo rodent models; Biochemical, cellular and molecular biology approaches, immune-fluorescence microscopy, protein analysis/proteomics/protein array screening.

Key Words:

Molecular mechanisms of brain repair, brain tumors/stem cell differentiation, survival, migration, angiogenesis, stroke, regenerative medicine, glioblastoma

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