Ari Rosenberg

Position title: Assistant Professor


Phone: (608) 265-5782

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Ph.D. in Computational Neuroscience, University of Chicago

Research Description:

Our lab investigates how neural circuits create accurate and precise representations of the environment from limited and ambiguous signals provided by the sensory epithelia. For example, how is it that we are able to perceive the three-dimensional structure of the world when our eyes only sense two-dimensional projections like a movie on a screen? Such transformations are nonlinear optimization problems that are plagued by ambiguities and noise, but which must be solved for us to successfully interact with the world. To study how the brain solves such problems, we employ a synergistic combination of high-density neuronal recordings, neuroimaging, behavioral studies, and computational modeling. Our findings provide insights into neural computation, the neural basis of perception, visual and multisensory processing, disorders of vision and balance, as well as neurodevelopmental disorders.

Key Words:

Neural computation, 3D vision, neuro-computational basis of autism

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