Mahua Dey

Position title: Assistant Professor, Department of Neurosurgery





M.D. in Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, USA
Postdoctoral in Molecular Biology, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA
Residency in Neurosurgery, The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA
Postdoctoral in NeuroOncology/Immunology, The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA

Research Description:

My research experience lies in the area of neurosurgery, cancer immunology, and neuro immunology with the emphasis on identifying novel targets to develop an effective immunotherapeutic strategy against brain cancer. My laboratory focuses on studying the mechanism of central nervous system antigen presentation as well as tumor infiltrating Tcell function with the goal of developing novel immunotherapies using multimodal combination approaches for malignant brain tumors.

Research Key Words:

Immunotherapy, Malignant Brain Tumors, Translational Research

Diversity Statement:

As the only colored female neurosurgeon scientist in my department, I aim to foster culture of inclusivity and promote diversity in my lab members. My lab provides a safe and nurturing environment to all the trainees seeking involvement in my lab. I encourage a culture of working together, sharing knowledge and skills and goal directed professional development. I intend to continue mentoring and training graduate students in my lab by creating an inclusive and fostering environment that is goal driven and promotes excellence.

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