Alexander Birbrair

Credentials: Assistant Professor


Phone: (608) 698-0034




2014, PhD, Neuroscience, Wake Forest University, North Carolina, USA
2009, BS, Biomedical Sciences, Santa Cruz State University, Bahia, Brazil

Postdoctoral Training:

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, NY, USA

Research Description:

Our lab is committed to understanding the mechanisms of impairment and failure of biological systems under pathological conditions with an emphasis on preventing or reversing these deleterious processes. One of the fundamental questions in our lab is how the nervous system controls cancer? We focus on the peripheral nervous system present in different tissues microenvironments. We try to understand how it controls different components of the tumor microenvironment. We are also studying how cancer communicates with the central nervous system by analyzing the involved neuronal circuitries. For this, we take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies, including two-photon and confocal microscopy, in vivo lineage-tracing methods, FACS-sorting, single-cell RNA sequencing, chemogenetics, optogenetics, neural circuitry analysis, and sophisticated Cre/loxP techniques in combination with cancer mouse models. Thus, our ultimate goal is to identify novel potential cellular and molecular targets within the nervous system as targets for cancer therapy.

Research Key Words:

Tumor microenvironment, niche, sensory neurons, pericytes, peripheral nervous system.