Ryan Herringa

Position title: Associate Professor

Email: herringa@wisc.edu

Phone: (608) 263-6068




Ph.D. in Neuroscience, University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Description:

Our BRAVE Research Center uses a variety of approaches to study the effects of adversity and trauma on brain development and family function. Grounded in neuroscience, we use brain imaging (MRI), physiology, genetics, microbiome, and other techniques to understand brain-body function in typically developing youth, trauma-exposed youth, and youth with mental illness such as PTSD. By establishing the neural circuits and biology involved in vulnerability and resilience to trauma, we aim to use this knowledge to improve our diagnosis of mental illness, and develop new treatments that will help to foster resilient brain development and promote well-being in childhood and beyond.

Diversity Statement:

I am strongly committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in science and medicine as an NTP faculty trainer, BRAVE Lab Director and Director of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at UW-Madison. Diversity of the scientific workforce is critical for enhancing perspectives, research agendas, and translation of scientific findings to help the many marginalized communities that have largely been ignored in scientific progress to date. As such, I remain committed to fostering the career development of underrepresented graduate trainees, working to create and maintain an inclusive environment for all individuals, and continuing to critically examine my own biases and privilege as a White male in academia and beyond.

I am a member of the Psychiatry department’s Equity and Anti-Racism Committee and co-chair of the Health Equity Subcommittee. The Equity and Anti-Racism Committee seeks to act on multiple areas within the Department including workforce diversification, anti-racism education and training for all clinicians, researchers, and staff, fostering equity in health care delivery and access, and promoting outreach and advocacy by the department in the broader community.

In addition, I have been part of the Anti-Racism group within the UW Health Physician Leadership Development Program. This program brings physician leaders together from all clinical departments to learn best practices and skills in leadership, mentorship, and organizational knowledge. Our Anti-Racism Group has carried out a project specifically devoted to enhancing diversity and inclusion in the UW Health System including review of DEI training content for UW Health, connection with other resources across the UW Madison and School of Medicine, and optimizing trainings for physicians.

Key Words:

Pediatric, trauma, PTSD, resilience, neurodevelopment

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