Justin C. Williams

Justin Williams
Professor & Department Chairperson, Department of Biomedical Engineering
(608) 265-3952


Ph.D. Arizona State University

Lab Website:


Research Focus:

Neural Interface Technology Research and Optimization

Research Strength:

Perception and Movement

Research Description:

The Neural Interface Technology Research and Optimization (NITRO) Laboratory is part of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The goals of our lab are to 1) develop new devices for recording from and stimulating neural tissue, 2) design these devices to be both durable for long-term implantation and safe for use in humans and animals, and 3) use these technologies in a variety of situations, from use in a basic physiology lab recording from single neurons, to clinical settings where people with motor disabilities might benefit from a brain-computer interface or other neural prosthetic communication device.


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