As part of your education, one semester of teaching is required. Typically, this involves being a laboratory instructor or section leader and should not require more than 10 hours per week.  Financial compensation for this teaching is not always available, although it can sometimes be arranged depending upon the needs and resources of individual departments.  You may fulfill the teaching requirement in other ways as well.

For example, teaching in the summer PEOPLE program fulfills one-half of the teaching requirement.  Two summers of PEOPLE instruction fulfills the entire requirement. The PEOPLE Program runs a summer school session for underrepresented high school students from Madison, Milwaukee, Racine, and tribal schools. We coordinate a neuroscience section for both 1.5 and three-week sections. You have the opportunity by teaching for the PEOPLE Program to develop your own curriculum, daily lesson plans, and evaluations in addition to hands on experience teaching local youth. You are expected to dedicate time to preparation starting at least one month before teaching begins to plan the curriculum. Another way to complete your teaching requirement is by acting as a teaching assistant for a subgroup as part of the Neuroscience Seminar. You may only act as a teaching assistant for a subgroup one time and it fulfills one half of your requirement. Final approval of how you fulfill the teaching requirement is given by your Advisory Committee.

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