• Christian La Teaching

    Christian La asking questions about a poster on Schizophrenia made by his PEOPLE Program students.

  • Rick Wolf Teaching

    Rick Wolf helping his PEOPLE Program students with the sheep brain dissection.

  • David Ruhl Teaching

    David Ruhl teaching his PEOPLE Program students about neurons using a candy modeled neuron.

  • Ewa Bomba Teaching

    Ewa Bomba answering questions about the sheep brain dissection from her PEOPLE Program students.

Teaching Resources 

As part of your training at the NTP, one semester of teaching is required. Typically this involves being a laboratory instructor or section leader and should not require more than 10 hours per week. Financial compensation for this teaching is not always available, although sometimes it can be arranged, depending upon the needs and resources of individual departments. You may fulfill the teaching requirement in other ways as well. For example, teaching in the summer PEOPLE program fulfills one-half of the teaching requirement. Final approval of how you fulfill teaching requirement is given by your Advisory Committee.

Here are some resources to help you get started with your teaching requirement:

PEOPLE Program

NTP hosts a neuroscience unit for the PEOPLE summer Program. To complete the NTP teaching requirement you must either teach two summers of the one-week program or one summer of the three-week program. The NTP sends a call out for PEOPLE instructors in January or February with the courses being taught in July. If you are interested in teaching the PEOPLE Program neuroscience unit please contact the NTP office.

Teaching Fellows in Neuroscience (TFN)

The aim of the TFN program is to allow interested NTP graduate students to obtain training in teaching while they maintain our traditional research-oriented training leading to a Ph.D. in neuroscience. TFN is designed for students who are interested in getting faculty positions where teaching is a requirement of the job, such as at four-year liberal arts colleges where teaching is the primary obligation or at primarily research universities where the emphasis is on research but teaching and mentoring students is nonetheless an important aspect of the job. TFN is a collaborative effort between the NTP, the Delta Program and WISCIENCE

To view TFN requirements please click here.

Delta Program

The Delta Program promotes the development of a future national faculty in the natural and social sciences, engineering, and mathematics that is committed to implementing and advancing effective teaching practices for diverse student audiences as part of their professional careers.