NTP Student Handbook

The Neuroscience Training Program (NTP) Student Handbook contains relevant information for current NTP graduate students. This page is meant to highlight some of the guidelines and policies that students ask about most frequently.

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If there are any questions about the guidelines and policies outlined in the NTP Student Handbook, feel free to contact the NTP Office.

  1. Graduate School Requirements for the Ph.D. Degree
  2. Program Requirements for the Ph.D. Degree
  3. Peer Mentoring Program
  4. Graduate Student Vacation Policy
  5. The Neuroscience Seminar
  6. Student Representation on Program Steering and Standing Committees
  7. Primary Affiliation
  8. Assistance in the First Year and Beyond
  9. Financial Information
  10. Neuroscience & Public Policy Program
  11. Master's Degree
  12. Grievances and Appeals