Statistics Courses

Competence in quantitative methods, e.g., statistics, must be demonstrated in order to fulfill coursework requirements. Numerous options are available to meet this requirement and include UW-Madison courses as well as courses taken elsewhere.  The list below is a summary of commonly taken statistics courses by students previously.  This is not an exhaustive list, and students are encouraged to meet with their advisory committee to decide what course would best increase the student’s proficiency in this area.  The decision regarding which course(s) fulfill the statistics requirement for an individual student rests with the advisory committee.  Additional feedback and syllabi can be found in a Box folder linked below.  Access to this folder is only for NTP faculty and students.  If you are a faculty member or student and cannot access this folder, please email the NTP office to be granted permission to view the files.

Commonly taken courses at UW-Madison:

-BMI 541/542: Introduction to Biostatistics

-BMI 641: Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials

-CS 760: Multivariate Analysis I

-ECE 630: All of Signal Processing

-PSY 610/710: Statistical Analysis of Psychological Experiments

-PSY 733: Perceptual and Cognitive Sciences

-STATS 542: Introduction to Clinical Trials I

-STATS 571/572: Statistical Methods for Bioscience

Link to course feedback and syllabi:

Box Folder