Aaron Struck

Credentials: MD, Assistant Professor

Email: struck@neurology.wisc.edu




MD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Description:

The aims of our laboratory are to characterize the aberrant neuronal networks underlying the development and progression of epilepsy as well as the cognitive consequences in humans. Our laboratory employs macro-scale tools include, functional MRI, high-density EEG, and continuous EEG in critical illness. Additionally we are developing our capabilities for meso and micro (Utah arrays and Behnke-Fried) scale electrophysiology in epilepsy patients undergoing surgical work-up. Primary current projects include a prospective observational study collecting clinical, radiographic, and electrographic data in patients with acute brain injury to determine the relationship between very-early EEG makers of cortical hyper-excitability and hyper-synchrony with the risk of post-ABI epilepsy. A longitudinal study on the cognitive, psychosocial, and epilepsy outcomes in a cohort of adolescents and young adults with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy using fMRI, HD-EEG, and neuropsychological testing. A molecular imaging study using a novel radiotracer (18F-FEPPA) to characterize post-ictal inflammation in focal epilepsy.

Key Words:

Epilepsy, EEG, Brain Injury, PET, Neuro-Imaging, Machine-Learning

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