Martin Hsu

Position title: Ph.D. Candidate


Martin Hsu headshot
Advisor: Zsuzsanna Fabry
Research Description:

I am interested in immune cell trafficking into and out of the CNS in different inflammatory diseases. One example is how Notch signaling can reduce immune cell migration in EAE, a mouse model of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), by down-regulating CCR2 and CCR6 and improving clinical scores. In a similar fashion, VEGF signaling has also been implicated in MS, and recent evidence has shown that pharmacologically blocking VEGF can reduce EAE clinical scores. Part of my interests revolve around investigating the roles of Notch and VEGF signaling in immune cell migration and differentiation.
While the CNS has long thought to be deprived of a proper lymphatic system, recent evidence suggest functional lymph vessels exist in the dura that drain to the cervical lymph nodes. Another interest revolves around investigating how functional these lymphatic vessels are in the context of CNS neuroinflammation such as EAE and identifying alternative routes of immune cell entry/exit into the CNS.