Avtar S. Roopra

Avtar Roopra
Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience
(608) 262-6930


Ph.D. University College London

Research Focus:

Controlling Expression of Neuronal Genes by the Transcription Factor NRSF

Research Strength:

Molecular Neuroscience

Research Description:

The lab aims to further the search for treatments and cures for epilepsy and cancer. Together these diseases afflict around 5% of the world's population, around 15 million Americans every year. We study these seemingly disparate diseases because we discovered that one protein, REST, plays a key role in both conditions (Garriga-Canut et al., 2006; Wagoner et al., 2010). REST is a master regulator of the transcription of some 2000 genes, controlling expression both in and outside the nervous system, and this is why it impacts diverse diseases.


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