Bas Rokers

Bas Rokers
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
(608) 262-8992


Ph.D. University of California- Los Angeles

Lab Website:

Research Focus:

Neural Mechanisms Underlying Motion and Depth Perception

Research Strengths:

Perception and Movement; Neural Circuits; Behavior, Cognition and Emotion

Research Description:

The work in my lab aims to understand the neural mechanisms that underlie visual perception. We focus on motion and depth processing because of their unique position in this system. How the sensory information is extracted from the retinal image is an extremely well-understood area of visual research, yet the two retinal images are 2D projections of our 3D world, lacking an explicit signal or representation of depth. Extracting 3D motion and depth information is thus an exclusively neural process that begins with stimulation on the two retinas and ends with an observer’s actions in a 3D world.

This seemingly simple characterization has proven extremely fruitful in understanding neural computation. It yields questions such as: What happens when retinal images do not uniquely specify real world (3D) motion? What signals from the two eyes are combined, and how? And, what accounts for the large discrepancy between an observer’s reports of 3D motion, and his or her subsequent behavior?


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