Aditya Rayasam

Korri Burnett
Ph.D Candidate


Zsuzsanna Fabry

Research Description:

The Fabry lab has shown that T-cell derived Interleukin 21 (IL-21) promotes brain injury following ischemic stroke. In a mouse model of transient middle cerebral artery occlusion, we found that IL-21 deficient mice have smaller infarcts, improved neurological function, and reduced lymphocyte accumulation. In order to further characterize neuron-T lymphocyte interactions, I plan to generate neuron specific IL-21 receptor deficient mice and assess the capability of IL-21 producing T lymphocytes to promote inflammation. This will help us clarify how neuro-trauma can initiate an innate immune response and how cellular specific cytokine receptor deficiency can enhance functional brain recovery. Neuron-T lymphocyte interactions also play a key role in the adaptive immune system. Our lab has been studying immune cell surveillance by myelinating glial cells in CNS autoimmune disease. To further this work, I will study how antigen specific T cells activate and proliferate in response to augmented epitope expression by neurons in the same disease context.