NTP Peer Mentoring Program

The NTP Peer Mentoring program was created to foster reciprocal relationships between mentors and mentees where both can learn and grow from each other’s knowledge and experience. The goals of the NTP Mentoring program are as follows:

  • Increase student satisfaction and retention.
  • Contribute to a holistic student support system.
  • Develop meaningful connections between new and more experienced students.
  • Facilitate more opportunities for social and networking interactions within the wider NTP community.

All incoming students will be paired with senior students in the program for the year. The senior students will serve as mentors to provide new students with a variety of perspectives on everything from life in Madison, grad school, transitioning to a new town, lab rotations, etc. Current students are also invited to participate as mentees if they so choose. Mentors and mentees are expected to meet at least once per month, preferably in person but e-mail, phone, or other forms of contact are acceptable when necessary. All mentors and mentees are required to attend the welcome event each Fall semester. For additional information regarding the NTP Peer Mentoring Program please refer to the NTP Peer Mentoring Program Handbook.