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NTP alum, Dr. John Gerstner's research on fruit flies has revealed a lot of new information on Alzheimer's Disease 

Dr. Darcie Moore has been awarded the prestigious Sloan Research Fellowship!

Congratulations to NTP faculty member Dr. JP Yu for being awarded a 2016 NARSAD Young Investigator Grant!

Dr. Richard Davidson and the Center for Health Minds are working with the Madison Police Department to see how mindfulness training can benefit police officers

NTP faculty member, Kris Saha and colleagues at UW-Madison are using gene editing to develop precision therapies.

Dr. Richard Davidson and the Center for Healthy Minds are developing a kindness curriculum that is being used in the upcoming season of Sesame Street!

Ed Champan and NTP alumna Ewa Bomba-Warczak were featured in the latest Time Magazine cover story, click here for a link to a radio interview about their new findings related to Botox

Tononi lab shows how split brain activity allows you to listen and drive

Barb Bendlin finds monitoring white matter myelin health could serve as an early warning system for Alzheimer's Disease

Congratulations to Darcie Moore who has been awarded the Gruber International Research Award!

NTP faculty Brad Postle's research on magnetic brain stimulation bringing back stowed memories

Richard Davidson listed on Madison Magazine's "M List" for his work at the Center for Healthy Minds

NTP faculty found a new biomarker for fatal brain cancer

Check out the latest edition of the NTP Brain Waves biannual newsletter!

Research being done by NTP student TaeHee Kim is featured in Quarterly Magazine

N&PP Student Andrew Merluzzi has been selected as a 2017 Christine Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Graduate Fellow

ustin Williams an
d colleagues are sharing the fabrication process of their brain imaging sensors to expand their reach into other research areas

Sterling Johnson and colleagues are using advances in mass spectrometry to spur Alzheimer's Research

NTP faculty member Xinyu Zhao is the recipient of the inaugural Jenni and Kyle Professorship in Novel Neurodevelopmental Diseases at the Waisman Center

NTP student, Ewa Bomba-Warczak is first-author on a study researching the movement of botulinum toxin in nerve cells

NTP faculty members Barb Bendlin & Sterling Johnson are researching lifestyle factors impact on Alzheimer's Disease

Check out this video of Richie Davidson discussing the Dalai Lama's influence on his decision to spend his life researching meditation and mindfulness

Congrats to a number of NTP faculty who are part of projects funded by the second round of UW2020 Discovery Initiative funds!

Ozioma Okonkwo is a recipient of the 2016 Early Career Award by the National Academy of Neuropsychology

Su-Chun Zhang's research helped form BrainXcell, a new company that will grow neural cells

Brian Baldo proposes a new theory of addiction that proposes the prefrontal cortex is a highly sensitive "hot spot" for opiod actions

Luigi Puglielli has found that more acetyl-CoA movement between nerve cells in mouse brain can lead to behavior that resembles Autism Spectrum Disorder in humans


A number of NTP faculty members have been honored with Vilas Professorship & Investigator Awards!

Barb Bendlin is a co-PI on a new collaborative grant with Medical College of WI to study Alzheimer's Disease and aging!

Congratulations to NTP Director, Mary Halloran who has been awarded the 2016 Kellett Mid-Career Award!

Congratulations to Marina Emborg who has been awarded the 2016 Bernard Sanberg Memorial Award for Brain Repair at ASNTR

Su-Chun Zhang is creating transplant neural cells to help treat Parkinson's patients

Xinyu Zhao has used an experimental drug in mice to reverse damage from the mutation that causes the Fragile X syndrome

Congratulations to N&PP student, Andrew Merluzzi, on receiving the WARF Discovery Challenge Peer Award!

Congratulations to NTP student, Edwin Suarez-Zayas, for receiving honorable mention for the Ford Fellowship!

NTP faculty member, Giulio Tononi, has been named the new director of the Wisconsin Center for Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research at UW-Madison

Congrats to NTP students Inca Dieterich and Edwin Suarez-Zayas for receiving honorable mention for the 2016 NSF GRFP!

NTP faculty member, Xinyu Zhao, has identified the genetic machinery that causes maturation in a young nerve cell

identified the genetic machinery that causes maturation in a young nerve cell - See more at: http://news.wisc.edu/single-brain-cells-reveal-genes-controlling-formation-development/?utm_source=news-release&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=news-release-short#sthash.MkxpxE1p.dpuf
identified the genetic machinery that causes maturation in a young nerve cell - See more at: http://news.wisc.edu/single-brain-cells-reveal-genes-controlling-formation-development/?utm_source=news-release&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=news-release-short#sthash.MkxpxE1p.dpuf

NTP alum, Erin Hanlon, was featured on NBC News talking about the connection between lack of sleep and the munchies

NTP faculty member, Ari Rosenberg, has been named a 2016 Sloan Fellow!

NTP faculty member, Lauren Riters, has been awarded the 2016 Distinguished Teaching Award! 

NTP student, Katie Yang, has been awarded the 2015 Early Excellence in Teaching Award!

Barb Bendlin and colleagues are researching the connection between healthy sleep habits and Alzheimer's Disease

Kris Saha and colleagues detail a new approach that can refine gene editing in this month's issue of Stem Cell Reports

Research by NTP students Chadd Funk and Alex Rodriguez finds that slow wave activity in certain parts of the brain may explain the brain's disconnect during dreaming

Brittany Travers is using video games to study improvement in motor skills impact on Autism Spectrum Disorder symptoms in children

Ed Chapman's lab is featured on the cover of Nature Structural & Molecular Biology for January 2016!

Beth Meyerand and colleagues at MCW have been awarded a NINDS grant for a statewide study of brain networks in epilepsy patients

Craig Atwood participates in Blue Sky Science to answer a question about stem cells and brain repair

Su-Chun Zhang's lab is making seratonin neurons from stem cells

Brad Postle's lab is finding that faster brain waves make shorter gaps in the visual stream

NTP researchers Bakshi & Baldo are discovering brain chemicals that create PTSD response

 NTP faculty member, Ned Kalin, has been elected to the National Academy of Medicine!

NTP faculty member, Ned Kalin, will be receiving the Anna-Monika Prize for his work with anxiety and depression in the brain

NTP faculty member, Bas Rokers, is researching how 'lazy eye' may bully the brain into altering its wiring

NTP faculty member, Tim Rogers, and his research team explore the many possibilities "machine teaching" could bring to the field of education!

With the help of the D2P program, NTP Faculty member, Su-Chun Zhang is working to turn research into actual treatments!

A new protein that promotes the survival and self-renewal of human pluripotent stem cells has been identified by NTP faculty member, Kris Saha and his team.

NTP student, Andrew Merluzzi, writes about federal funding for biomedical science in the US

NTP faculty member, Richard Davidson's research on the relationship between emotions and brain activation level may help us better understand the manifestation of mental disorders, such as depression. 

Congratulations to NTP faculty member, Su-Chun Zhang, for being named a Steenbock Professor! 

Congratulations to NTP student, Katie Yang, who has received a prestigious Gilliam Fellowship for Advanced Study from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute! 

Brain imaging research, conducted by Ned Kalin and his team, reveals how children inherit anxiety from their parents! 

Well-being in the workplace may be promoted by a new curriculum, Cultivating Well-Being: A Neuroscientific Approach, which is based on concepts developed by NTP Faculty Member, Richard Davidson! 

Su-Chun Zhang has revealed a new technique for editing stem cell genes! 

Sterling Johnson and Barbra Bendlin have teamed-up with the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation and the Morgridge Institute to gather data on diagnosing Alzheimer's disease earlier than ever before!

 Faculty Member, Su-Chun Zhang comments on the promise stem cells hold in treating neural damage!

New discoveries in department of neuroscience: Fragile X proteins involved in proper neuron development! 

Dr. Ozioma Okonkwo has recently found that higher education may protect against Alzheimer's Disease!

Congrats to Marc Wolman for receiving a grant through the competitive Shaw Scientist Program!! 

UW-Madison engineers and neuroscience experts held first-ever Neuroimaging, Computational Neuroscience, and Neuroengineering Workshop! 

Congratulations to Lingjun Li on being named a Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor!

Congrats to Luis Populin for being awarded the Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research Award for his research on therapies for ADHD!

Congrats to 2015 NSF GRFP recipient, Andrew Merluzzi and 2015 NSF GRFP Honorable Mention, Scott Vermilyea!!

Congrats to Baron Chanda on being awarded the Romnes Faculty Fellowship!

Click here for a recap of the 2015 Neuroscience Research Symposium

Su-Chun Zhang is working to lay a foundation for treating ALS and spinal cord injuries

John Kuo and team find two new fluorescent agents to be used in cancer surgeries

Richard Davidson says learning to be happy is "no different than learning the violin"

Richard Davidson's 'Kindness Curriculum' boosts school success in preschoolers

Ian Duncan's research into a rare neurological disease shines light on health of essential nerve cells 

Ruth Benca is looking at the connection between sleep problems and Alzheimer's Disease

Giulio Tononi and and Barry Van Veen are working to help untangle what happens in the brain during sleep and dreaming and how the brain uses networks to encode short-term

Dual Degree Program Receives Award at Society for Neuroscience 2014

Badgers, Gophers team up for epilepsy research as Giulio Tononi continues campus research on how seizures affect the brain

Congratulations to Dr. Giulio Tononi & Chiara Cirelli for their $7.7 million grant to study "local" sleep!

Congratulations to Yuri Saalmann, recipient of the 2014 NARSAD Young Investigator Grant!

Recap of Neuroscience & Public Policy Summer 2014 Internships

Justin Williams and research team have overcome a major technological hurdle to understanding the brain

Richard Davidson has recently found that mindfulness can be measured by counting breaths

Congratulations to Meyer Jackson, recipient of the Emily M. Gray Award by the Biophysical Society

Richard Davidson and the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds have found that yogic breathing may help reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder

Qiang Chang is part of a research team that has found that the stiffness of the surfaces on which stem cells are grown can exert a profound influence on cell fate

Baron Chanda is exploring temperature-sensitive pathways to control neural activity

Kris Saha and other faculty at the WID are working on ways to standardize how stem cells are harnessed to advance therapies and study disease

Michael Koenigs, Jack Nitschke, and alum Julian Motzkin featured discussing how the brain reacts to stress

Congratulations to NTP Faculty Su-Chun Zhang and Gail Robertson for being awarded funds from the inaugural UW-Madison Discovery to Product (D2P) program

The Center for Investigating Healthy Minds, founded by NTP Faculty member Richard Davidson, is investigating the impact of mindfulness training on students and teachers in the Madison Metropolitan School District. 

Alzheimer's Research at UW-Madison is receiving a boost from WEDC to speed up the translation of data into possible diagnostic tools and therapies 

UW-Madison N&PP co-hosted a two-day seminar to expose judges to expose them to neuroscience expertise that can affect issues in the courtroom

Congratulations to Stephen Gammie who has been awarded the Chancellor's Award for Distinguished Teaching!

Richard Davidson is working on a study that shows people who experience chronic marital stress are more likely to report depressive symptoms 

Ozioma Okonkwo is looking at how exercise affects brain health and how this might relate to the aging brain

A postdoc position focused on Inner Ear Sensory Regeneration and Human Stem Cell Biology is available in the lab of Sam Gubbels click here for more information

Su-Chun Zhang is working on a study to reveal the tangled origin of ALS 

Congratulations to NTP Alum Jeremy Teissere who has been selected as the Stanley Road Endowed Chair in Neuroscience at Muhlenberg College

Congratulations to Donata Oertel who has been awarded the Hilldale Award at UW-Madisonin in recognition of her contributions to teaching, research and service

NTP Faculty members, Ned Kalin and Michael Koenigs, are using high-throughput computing, or HTC, to better understand various aspects of the brain

Ed Chapman discusses his lab's discovery about how stressed neurons recover and continue communicating

Giulio Tononi and Chiara Cirelli discuss how their synaptic homeostasis hypothesis of sleep or “SHY” challenges the theory that sleep strengthens brain connections

Ian Duncan has led a team of researchers in studying the cause of a rare tremor disorder in Weimaraners

Brian Baldo and Vaishali Bakshi study how a hormone could ease symptoms of psychosis and overeating

Ian Duncan was a driving force behind a documentary discussing the beneficial effects of exercise on patients with MS

Brian Baldo's research was discussed in an article on food addiction in Scientific American Mind

Ei Terasawa has found that estrogen is not just produced in the ovaries but also in the brain!

Richard Davidson is part a group of researchers whose study reveals gene expression changes with meditation

UW Madison was ranked #3 among all U.S. universities for research by the National Science Foundation

Luis Populin and Abigail Rajala are featured in an article discussing a study that shows a tighter link between impulsivity, rewards, and Ritalin

Congrats to Lyn Turkstra and Michelle Ciucci for receiving awards from the American Speech-Lanugage-Hearing Association (ASHA)

Ryan Herringa is featured on Wisconsin Public Radio discussing a study that suggests childhood maltreatment can leave scars on the brain

Congrats to Baron Chanda, awarded the 2013 Traditional Cranefield Award by the Society for General Physiologists!

Congrats to Josh LaRocque for being awarded the Ann E. Kelley Fellowship in Behavioral Neuroscience Travel Award!

Barry Ganetzky is featured in an article discussing lessons about traumatic brain injury from the fruit fly

Richard Davidson contributes to article discussing whether emotional intelligence can be taught

Tom Yin and Ruth Litovsky discuss their research on Binaural Hearing for Inside UW

Chiara Cirelli discusses how "Sleep 'boosts brain cell numbers'"

Dr. Tom Yin Awarded Inaugural Hartmann Prize in Auditory Neuroscience

NTP faculty use stem cells to model human disease.

Ned Kalin recently featured on SMPH's "Meet our Researchers" page.