Neuroscience Diversity Enhancement Speaker Series

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
4/22/2022 Antonieta Lavin University of South Carolina  “Hypofrontality Deficits in Neuropscyhiatric Disorders
4/27/2017 Eduardo Candelario University of Florida  “3Prostaglandin E2 regulation of blood-brain barrier permeability after ischemic stroke”
11/10/2015 Erich Jarvis Duke University “Evolution of brain pathways and genes for song in birds and speech in humans”
5/14/2015 Carmen Maldonado-Vlaar University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras “On the role of neurohormones in the anxiety elicited by cocaine seeking behavior”
4/19/2012 Maribel Rios Tufts University “The role of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in neural circuits controlling food intake and body weight”
3/22/2012 Irving Vega University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras “Profiling molecular changes associated to neurodegeneration: Research training experiences”
5/4/2011 Ranulfo Romo Neuroscience at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City “Conversion of Sensory Signals into Perceptual Decisions”
9/4/2008 Sandra Peña de Ortiz University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras “Discovering Flap-Structure-Specific Endonuclease as a Factor in Memory Consolidation”
10/12/2006 Jose Lasalde Dominicci University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras “Structural Studies on Nicotinic Receptors”
5/12/2005 Carmen Maldonado-Vlaar University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras “Molecular Characterization of Striatal Learning Implicated in Cocaine Addiction”
5/20/2004 Fernando Gomez-Pinilla University of California-Los Angeles “Diet and Exercise Shape Neutral Function Using Neurotrophins”
3/6/2003 Luis Parada University of Texas- Southwestern Medical Center “Neurotrophins of Thalamocortical Development and Reception”
4/10/2001 Jose Martinez, Jr. University of Texas-San Antonio “How the Brain Stores Information: Hebbian Mechanisms”
5/4/2000 Emery Brown Harvard University “Reading a Rat’s Mind: A Statistical Analysis of Spatial Information Encoding in the Rat Hippocampus”
4/2/1998 Ronald Booker Cornell University “The Functional Role of the Stomagasteric Ganglion in the Moth: Maduca sexta”
9/16/1996 W. Eric Thomas Mississippi Valley State University “Microglia: Components of an Intrisnic CNS Immune Response”