Catherine A. Marler

Catherine Marler
Professor, Department of Psychology
(608) 262-5598


Ph.D. Arizona State University

Lab Website:

Research Focus:

Influence of Social Environment during Development on Neuroendocrinology and Behavior

Research Strength:

Behavior, Cognition, and Emotion

Research Description:

My research centers around bi-directional interactions between endocrinology, animal behavior, and the social environment. We are currently investigating how the social environment during development can influence neuroendocrinology and behaviors such as aggressive and parental behaviors, how aggressive experiences as an adult can influence hormones and aggressive behavior in the future in both males and females, and how hormones influence aggression and paternal behavior. We employ a wide range of model systems that permit study of both the mechanisms controlling behavior and the evolution of social behaviors, although a primary focus is Peromyscus mice because species display variation in aggressive and paternal behaviors.


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