Cole Korponay

Cole Portrait
N&PP Candidate


Michael R. Koenigs and Richard J. Davidson

Research Description:

I'm interested in using structural and functional brain imaging to examine how abnormal neurobiology may contribute to criminal behavior.  I'm also interested in evaluating the potential for emerging knowledge and technology in neuroscience to strengthen the criminal justice system (e.g. using neuroimaging to assist insanity plea decisions, to supplement recidivism prediction models, and to help elucidate the health effects of practices like solitary confinement.


Korponay C and Koenigs M. The neurobiology of antisocial and amoral behavior: Insights from brain science and implications for law. Law and Neuroscience: Revising the Legal Standards of Insanity, Patterson D (Editor), Hart. 

Korponay, C., Nitzburg, G. C., Malhotra, A. K., & DeRosse, P. (2014). Positive and negative subclinical symptoms and MCCB performance in non-psychiatric controls. Schizophrenia Research: Cognition4(1), 175-179.