Journal Clubs

Axon Guidance 

Meets on alternate Mondays in 116 SMI at 11 am. The focus is on cellular and molecular mechanisms that guide axons to their targets in the nervous system. This club is directed by Katherine Kalil, Tim Gomez, and Mary Halloran. For further information, please contact Katherine Kalil (262-8902,     

Cerebral Ischemic Damage 

Meets bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 12:00 in D4/473 CSC. Participants are faculty, postdocs, research staff and students. Areas covered include mechanisms underlying necrotic and apoptotic cell death during ischemic and traumatic brain damage and effective intervention to protect these damages. Both in vivo and in vitro studies are discussed. At each meeting, one person will lead the discussion.  

Hearing and Donuts

Meets Friday mornings at 8:30am in 281 Medical Sciences Building. Participants are faculty, post-docs and graduate students who are interested in any facet of audition. Areas covered include biophysics of hair cell transduction, cochlear mechanics, cochlear modeling, physiological responses of hair cells, auditory nerve fibers, and auditory cells at all levels of the central auditory system (cochlear nucleus, superior olive, inferior and superior colliculus, medial geniculate, and cortex), and auditory psychophysics of humans and animals. Faculty participants come from the Departments of Communicative Disorders, Neuroscience, Neurosurgery, Otolaryngology, and Psychology, include Banks, Fettiplace, Jones,  Litovsky, Oertel,  Populin, Postle, Smith, and Yin. Approximately 30 participants take turns in presenting research results or reviews of journal articles in an informal setting. Each member will present approximately every 12 months. This club has met continuously since 1985. For further information, please contact Ruth Litovsky ( ) or the website (

Ion Channel Journal Club

Meets every other Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. For further information, please contact Matt Jones (, Baron Chanda (, or Cynthia Czajkowski (

Neural Stem Cells and Adult Neurogenesis Journal Club

Meets each week on Thursday at 5:00 pm in 177 Medical Sciences Building. Two broad topic areas are covered: stem cells and the nervous system, and neurogenesis in the adult brain. Weekly presentations rotate alphabetically among the members of the journal club. For further information, please contact Ron Kalil (262-4903 or or Mike Hendrickson (