Graduation/Oral Defense

Here are some guidelines to follow when preparing for your graduation and oral thesis defense.

Guide to Preparing Your Doctoral Dissertation:

Please review the Graduate school’s guide to preparing your doctoral dissertation here.

Defense Warrant:

At your final thesis defense your committee must sign a defense warrant. You must fill out and return a warrant request to the NTP office at least 4 weeks before your defense!

Oral Defense Announcements & Programs:

The NTP office creates and disperses announcements and a program for your oral public thesis defense. You need to send us your CV, thesis abstract, a headshot for the programs, and oral defense logistics like location, time, etc. Please make sure to send us this information at least 2 weeks before your defense so we have time to prepare them!

Thesis Copies:

The NTP will pay for three copies of your thesis to be bound (one for you, one for the office, and one for your P.I.). You will need to drop printed copies off in the office and choose a color for your bound cover. If you would like additional copies made we will have them bound and you will need to reimburse us for the extra copies (typically about $8.00/each).

If you would like to look at old thesis copies for ideas about formatting and style please stop up in the office!