First Year Information

Student Identification Cards

Student identification cards may be obtained by following instructions on the website ( Before an ID card may be issued, students must register for at least one credit. For ID card validation, fees must be paid. A replacement card may be obtained free of charge if there is a name change, the picture needs updating, or the card is damaged. The Wiscard functions as both a student ID card and building access on nights and weekends. Contact the building manager for the building in which you wish to gain building access.

ASM Bus Pass Program/Parking

The Associated Students of Madison Bus Pass Program makes a free semester bus pass, valid on any Madison Metro routes, available to all registered students. For more information see the ASM Bus Pass website ( Lost bus passes can be replaced for a small fee. Parking for students is not available on campus except in unusual circumstances. For more information on parking visit the Transportation Services website ( .

My UW-Madison Portal

This is your personalized gateway to campus. To access, use your NetID (the part of your e-mail address prior to and password to login ( If you haven’t obtained a NetID yet, you can click on the link to activate your NetID. Popular features include web-based e-mail, web-based calendar, web enrollment, course information, payroll records, financial aid and student records. Students must use My UW-Madison to register for courses.

E-Mail and Information Technology

All students should set up e-mail accounts. These are available automatically once you sign up for your NetID through My UW ( The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) maintains a technology store (Tech Store) where students may purchase software, computers and other computer accessories. Students are eligible to purchase discounted software (Adobe, Microsoft, etc.) through the Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalog. This discounted software can only be purchased through the Tech Store. Free anti-virus and firewall software is available for free download through DoIT ( Wireless network is available throughout campus.

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