Barbara Bendlin

Barb Bendlin
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
(608) 265-2483


Ph.D. University of Arizona

Lab Website:

Research Focus:

Aging; Alzheimer's Disease

Research Strengths:

Neurobiology of Disease; Behavior, Cognition and Emotion

Research Description:

I am an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the School of Medicine and Public Health, and an NIH funded Investigator at the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. My area of interest is cognitive brain aging. A large part of my research is centered on determining why some people age healthily, while others develop diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Studies in my lab focus on determining “normal” patterns of brain aging, in addition to determining the earliest brain changes that occur in Alzheimer’s. A large part of my research involves learning more about how risk factors for Alzheimer’s affect cognition and neural health. Risk factors we study include genotype, parental family history, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome. My lab uses tools that include brain imaging (MRI and PET), cognitive testing, and cerebrospinal fluid biomarker analysis to understand what happens to the brain in the early stage of Alzheimer’s disease. Understanding these brain changes in people who may go on to develop disease may lead to earlier diagnosis, prevention, and the development of new therapies.


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