Trina Basu

Trina Basu
Ph.D Candidate


Avtar S. Roopra

Research Description:

My research focuses on the epigenetic regulation of synaptic plasticity and epileptiform activity in a mouse model of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC), a genetic disorder characterized by the formation of benign tubers throughout the body and brain, autism, cognitive impairments, and epilepsy. Through hippocampal slice electrophysiology and by pharmacologically manipulating a suite of epigenetic mechanisms, I will test whether aberrant forms of long term depression, long term potentiation and epileptiform activity characteristic of our TSC mouse model are ameliorated. This work will be supported by various molecular techniques to elucidate the signaling pathway responsible for the abnormal synaptic plasticity deficits found in TSC.


W.B. Potter, T. Basu, K.J. O’Riordan, A. Kirchner, P. Rutecki, C. Burger, A. Roopra. 2013. Reduced juvenile long term depression in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex is mitigated in adults by compensatory recruitment of mGluR5 and Erk signaling. PLoS Biology. In press.