Anthony P. Auger

Anthony Auger
Professor, Department of Psychology
(608) 265-3743


Ph.D. University of Massachusetts Amherst

Lab Website:

Research Focus:

Neuroendocrinology of Sex Differences in Brain and Behavior

Research Strengths:

Behavior, Cognition, and Emotion; Development, Plasticity, and Repair; Molecular Neuroscience

Research Description:

As there are sex differences in some neurological and psychiatric disorders (e.g., autism, depression, and Alzheimer's disease), it is important to understand how steroid receptors act in the brain during development to induce lasting changes in sexually dimorphic behaviors and physiology. My research focuses on how steroid receptors act during development to differentiate male from female brain. Steroid receptor action in the developing brain can have lasting effects on neuronal morphology, neurotransmitter content, and brain structure, which are different in male versus female brains. Themes include: 1) Understanding how steroid receptor action during development produces sex differences in brain physiology and behavior. 2) How steroid receptor action is influenced by non-steroidal mechanisms, such as neurotransmitters or through social interactions. 3) Identifying sex differences in gene expression during development and determining the functional consequences of these genes on adult physiology and behavior. We use a variety of techniques to understand how sex differences are produced in the brain, such as immunocytochemistry, in situ hybridization, Western Immunoblots, tissue culture, PCR, and behavioral analysis. We also use cutting-edge techniques, such as identification of gene expression using DNA arrays and manipulation of gene expression using antisense technology. In many studies, we use a multi-level approach ranging from examination of gene expression to behavioral analysis.


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