Reid Alisch

Reid Alisch
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
(608) 262-8430


Ph.D. University of Michigan

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Research Focus:

The Role of Epigenetics in the Origins of Mental Illness

Research Description:

My research in my laboratory focuses on the role of epigenetics in neurodevelopment, healthy, and disease states. DNA methylation is an epigenetic mark that must be properly established and maintained throughout mammalian development and the life of an organism. The growing number of human diseases that result when there is a disruption in this epigenetic information emphasizes the importance of DNA methylation, which can be influenced by exposure to environmental factors and may result in altered gene expression. One of our approaches is to investigate the dynamics of DNA methylation in different regions of the primate brain using the extensive non-human primate resources available to the Psychiatry department. These studies include characterizing the temporal and spatial changes of DNA methylation throughout neurodevelopment and due to prenatal/early life stresses. An interdisciplinary approach combines molecular investigations with functional magnetic resonance imaging to generate comprehensive maps of healthy and disease activity in the brain.


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