Neuroscience Seminar 

A central element in the Program is the Neuroscience Seminar, which meets weekly and is attended by students and faculty. During the academic year, six selected topics in current neurobiological research are reviewed intensively in study groups, supervised by faculty sponsors. Critical summaries of each topic are then presented to all participants in the Seminar as a series of lectures/discussions. 

Presentations by students, faculty, and outside speakers are an integral part of the Seminar. Distinguished neuroscientists are invited to the campus to deliver neuroscience lectures and meet informally with students and faculty. In the course of a three-to four-year period, most of the major research areas in neuroscience are reviewed in the Seminar. Thus, all Neuroscience students, regardless of their particular area of specialization, become familiar with the breadth of contemporary neurobiology. 

Moreover, the Seminar offers a weekly forum for intellectual and social exchange, which forms a basis for strong student/faculty interaction.       

Upcoming NTP Seminars

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